Don’t forget

Comparison is one of the leading causes of amnesia. You begin comparing what you have or have done to what someone else has or has done, and all of a sudden you forget about what you have and have done. You begin to feel as though you have nothing at all. That the individual you are comparing yourself to has the entire pie.

Our brains are powerful machines that can be used for good, but can also, at times, be used against us. It is so powerful that it can make us forget years of hard work and dedication. It can have us ready to call it quits even after everything we have accomplished. Please, for your sanity’s sake, kill comparison. It’s been proven to cure your amnesia.


The process is the reward.

Goals are great. They give you something to shoot for, something to work towards. As I get older though, I’ve come to fall in love with the process, again. I say again because there was a time in my life when the process was all I had. I hadn’t attained anything yet. I hadn’t been showered with praise, or validated by human opinion. I was just a kid with a make-shift studio that was in love with the process. I was in love with the experiment. I wanted to go further and deeper, and understand how this thing worked.

Yes, I wanted to be a professional artist, but when I think about it, I was more concerned with the process than I was the ultimate goal. So here I am, right back in that small bedroom. I’m chasing the process. Everyday pushing to make it better. From where I sit now, the process is the reward. Everything else that comes with it is just icing on the cake. P.S. - I love a cake that’s topped with good icing.

Ideas are Good, but work is gooder.

In 2011 I began watching a television series, per Wit’s recommendation. The theme song of the series always stood out to me. Fast forward to 2013 and Wit got an idea to sample the theme song to this series. He sent it to me and we laughed and went back and forth about how great of an idea it was. The only thing we were missing was my vocals.

Today, I listened to this song for the first time in years. I had forgotten that this song was actually the final song of a trilogy from Wit and I. I remembered how this song didn’t start off that way though. It started off as a good idea that made us laugh. The work we put in on this song though, that is where the magic was,and is.

The idea was good, but the action was gooder… Emphasis on “GOODER.”





Sometimes you get an idea and you just have to go for it! My friend Rachel posted a pic on IG of this color that she is really into. When I saw the pic I immediately thought it would be a DOPE album cover. Ten minutes later, I hear a lo-fi instrumental by “sad boy with a laptop” on Spotify. I randomly start to sing “Pantone.” I had to record what I was doing and listen to it myself at the very least. But this is one of those times where I felt like I should show everyone I can how I experiment. Maybe it will inspire someone to act on the idea they have that just won’t leave them alone. I encourage you…please go forth and create! Oh…and peep my son’s bars at the beginning of the song. He’s a natural.

Sit and Think...

Occasionally, I turn off the music. I turn off the phone. I turn off the TV, and I just sit and think. I sit and think about what it is I truly want to do. I think about the things I’m currently doing, and if I’m going through the motions, or if my heart is really in it. Those are usually the moments where ideas are born, where courses change, and passion re-emerges. It’s a beautiful thing. Take time out today to just sit and think.


Complaints are not progress! Sometimes, I feel as though we believe complaining about our current situation will actually catapult us to the place we desire to be. Don't laugh, but when I was much younger, my personally philosophy was that the more I thought negatively about a situation, the better the outcome. For some strange reason I felt as though speaking ill of certain events would provide victory instead of defeat. I was practicing Jedi mind tricks before I knew I was a Jedi. As I've gotten older, and much much much wiser, I have discovered that I was 100% wrong in my way of thinking. Not only was I wrong, I was being pretty idiotic. Today, I think much differently. I am not totally for or against "positive thinking," I just believe that it is a piece to the puzzle, not the puzzle in itself. 

Yes, we must have faith. Yes, we must believe. But, as the brother of our Lord spoke about so eloquently, "Faith without works, is dead." With that, here are 3 things that I believe make a big difference, and can assist us in completing the puzzle we are currently working on. 

1. Self Awareness: We must be honest with where we are currently. Until we come face to face with reality, we will not be able to make a change. 

2. Take action: Once you know where you are, it is time to confirm where it is you want to be. The reason "Plan" is not listed here is because most of us quit right after we have made the plan. For a lot of us, planning is the trophy. Once we have charted our course, we sit back and dream about actually getting into the boat and starting the journey. So, instead of planning, we must take action. Draw a map, and start your journey. 

3. Reap: There are no time limits. There is no specific limit in regards to amount. Just know that if you decide to be honest with yourself and take action, you will reap the benefits. The "when" is out of your hands. The "how" will be determined by the amount your hands put in. 


Change is Possible...

Allow yourself to change. In life, sometimes we become the naysayer/hater that we claim is out to get us, when we furiously post about it online. Sometimes, the mindsets and philosophies that we grew up with are the very roadblocks stopping us from getting to the place God desires us to be. If this is you, it may be time to call a full time-out, discover where the opposition is actually coming from, and draw up a new game-plan. Let go of those old plays and strategies, they aren't working! 

A lot of times we know exactly which direction we should go, or what turn we should make, but we fear the opinion of others so much that we continue to do things the way we always have. Fear has been my opponent for my entire life. There have been great losses, but there have also been great victories. Those victories have usually come from me stepping outside of my comfort zone and listening to the small still voice in my heart, despite how afraid I was. Change is hard. Change can be scary. But remember, change is possible. 



Don't stop creating. The platform may change, but don't let the fire to create burn out. If you want to make films, pick up a camera and shoot. If you want to be an writer, open your notes app and start writing. If you want to make music, turn your bedroom into a studio and record. But, always be self aware, knowing that you may not be called to be a filmmaker, author, or musician. You may be called to be an accountant, a doctor, or an architect. The platform may change, but don't let the fire to create burn out. The opportunity to create is everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open for it.